JustFaithA multi-part review of the educational component of CCHD that explores the
Biblical tradition, the historic witness of the Church, Catholic social teaching, and the
relationship between spirituality and justice.

JustFaith vs Catholic Faith:   JustFaith claims it will “energiz[e] social ministry.” Along with scores of other dioceses, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe has been inviting interested Catholics to participate in this expensive program – the registration fee $250 each year for each participant, who must each buy a set of 11-13 books each year, costing $115-$125. The 30-week program also requires showing 14-16 videos every year at a cost of $300-$350 and recommends additional speakers, who are available, of course, for a stipend… not to mention the costs accrued from mandatory weekend retreats.   Expense isn’t the issue, however – the product is. JustFaith is a liberationist propaganda vehicle, a “conversion-based process”, to train participants to “become advocates for justice.”1

 See the Map where have JustFaith programs been hosted over the past few years;
program cost are shown here.

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