Community Organizing

Good organizing is all about building relationships so that you have a network of
supporters who will back you when you need to get something done.  One can see
the community organizing efforts in the public arena as well as in the Catholic Church
or just about anywhere there is community strive or tension.

With the popularity of social media, though this will never replace the face-to-face
contacts, it can help build a much larger audience than one could do in person
and is a quick and easy way to get information out to many people at once.

Problems with PICO – People Improving Communities through Organizing

Faith-Based Organizing
:  Ecumenical opportunity or interfaith hazard?

The Communitarian Riddle:  Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it. – Thomas Sowell

What is the goal of Albuquerque Interfaith?  AI is an organization of twenty-four congregations, schools, unions ….

Member Institutions of Albuquerque Interfaith:  Listing of member institutions as of 2008.

Why Albuquerque Interfaith Is Bad For the Catholic Church:   Alinskyian organizing is a
direct assault against decades of authentic Catholic social justice teaching and authentic Catholic Action.   Albuquerque Interfaith is an Alinskyian organization.

Albuquerque Interfaith:  Just because you see no activity, does that mean that it does not exist?

Parish Social Justice:  While the primary focus of the parish is the evangelization and spiritual nurturing of souls, it is also intended as a place that “practices the charity of the Lord in good works and brotherly love.”

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