Los Pequeños de Cristo was established a little less than 20 years ago and is comprised
of individuals from around the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We are devoted to the Roman Catholic Magisterium, the Holy Father, and to the bishops and clergy in union with him.

Our members believe what the Church believes and we promote what the Church teaches.  To this end, we believe that no individual, whether cleric or lay person, has the right to independently alter the substance of the gospel message or moral truths which have been inerrantly and infallibly held by the Church since Her founding.

Los Pequeños  publishes research papers on topics of concern to Catholics in the Santa Fe Archdiocese.

Los Pequeños organizes local retreat and conferences and hosts Catholic speakers.

Los Pequeños publishes a monthly newsletter, the Pepper, for its membership; subscriptions to the full printed mail version of the Pepper are available for $10 per year. 

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