So o ften, discussions about abortion are abstract. We wonder, under what conditions might a Catholic vote for a pro-abortion politician? Can one be both Catholic and pro-choice on this issue? Is abortion a religious question or a civil rights question?

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Special November 2004 Pepper Issue

In November 2004, The Pepper looked at
abortion from a more concrete perspective
Using images from the
Center for Bioethical
, ( )
we demonstrate that behind all the
discussions for or against abortion there
lies a viscously battered child.

Reprints of this 16 page, full-color,
stunning and disturbing issue
available from

Los Pequeños de Cristo, Inc.
PO Box 16117
Albuquerque NM 87191-6117

at a cost of $3.00 per copy.

Please provide your complete mailing address
and a check or money order in the appropriate
amount and indicate Nov 04 in the memo
section of the check or money order.

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