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Community Organizing As Advocated by Saul Alinsky

"No one can be at the same time a sincere Catholic and a true Socialist."  Pius XI, Quad Anno (1931)

Parish Social Justice:   Compares Alinskyian organizing to authentic Catholic Action as typified by the pro-life movement    
Communitarian Riddle:  A look at the form of socialism Alinkyian organizing has adopted.    
Alinskyian Organizing:  The fundamentals ... and some objections    
Albuquerque Interfaith 2007:  Interesting in the light of where we are in 2009    
Member Institutions of Albuquerque InterFaith - 2008    
Transcript of EWTN Open Line Radio Broadcast April 29, 2009:  Fr. Mitch Pacwa's Comments on Community Organizing    
Handout:  Why Albuquerque Interfaith (AI) is a BAD Idea for the Catholic Church    

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